6 Color Set Glow in the Dark Daytime Visible Pigment Powder 10g (60g)

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6- 10g bags of 45um Glow in the Dark Solvent Daytime Visible Pigment Powder. SALES PRODUCT does NOT include the glass jar, comes in clear plastic tubs. PLEASE NOTE: SrA12O4:Eu When activated with a suitable dopant ( Europium) then it takes on a different structure and becomes a Phosphorescence emitting its glow. It now requires UV in the higher spectrum to charge the crystals and make them GLOW. UV Ultra Violet light is the electromagnetic radiation from Sunlight with a wavelength shorter than white light. In summer the paint supercharges on the emitting UV rays from sunlight and makes the paint REALLY POP, however in the winter months when there is limited UV in the suns rays then it is harder to charge the paint. We use UV Black lights to help charge the paints in the winter months. These are specially designed BLACK LIGHTS you can purchase from stores etc. We DO NOT give glow times on our products because we cannot guarantee this, there are too many factors involved, some we have already spoken about. The colors shown here are in the order of their GLOW times. PINK: Pink during the Day Glows Pink-Yellow in the dark YELLOW: Yellow during the Day Glows Yellow in the Dark LILAC: Lilac during the Day Glows Lilac-Blue in the Dark ORANGE: Orange during the Day, glows Orange-Yellow in the Dark BLUE: Blue during the Day glows Green in the Dark GREEN: This is the brightest of the colors as it is a natural pigment for SrA12O4:Eu. Green during the Day, Glows Green in the Dark ALL PHOTOS/IMAGES ARE PROPERTY OF GLOMANIA & PROGLOW USA
Glow in the Dark Pigment Daytime Visible Powder Standard 45um
This 6 x 10 GRAMS of product is an ideal product for just about anything- comes with a FREE UV key chain to help charge the powders!
Mix with Solvent based mediums for BEST Finish
4th Generation Pigment – Long Glow time
5 Color Set: Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, Pink, & now introducing LILAC!

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