Glow Inc. Purple Fluorescent Powder

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Glow Inc.?s glow in the dark powder is Grade 0/1 phosphorescent pigment, making it the brightest glow in the dark powder readily available.

Glow in the dark powder absorbs bright light as energy.? When placed in the dark, the glow powder releases this energy as a glow.? You can repeat this cycle millions of times.? Applied properly, the powder will only lose 5% of its brightness every 10 years.? Any light will charge the powder.? However, direct sunlight, high wattage bulbs, or black lights are needed to obtain the maximum glow.

The powder is intended to be added as a pigment to a proper medium to offer protection and adhesion.? Popular mediums are 30 minute epoxy, clear nail polish, clear concrete sealer, Pour On Casting Material, white base makeup, candle gel and wax.? The powders do not work in most paints.? The powders will not work in any medium that contains a significant percentage of water.? If you need a standard paint, then we highly suggest that you choose Glow Inc.?s waterbased glow in the dark paints instead of the glow powder.? To apply to a car or other vehicle, add to automotive clear base paint.

Typical maximum ratio is 2 pounds of glow powder to 1 gallon of medium.

Keep in mind that each color has a different brightness and glow duration.? The Ultra Green V10 is by far the brightest and will often glow throughout the night.? Glow Purple is a gorgeous color, but it does not glow very brightly and requires a high wattage charging source.? Check the brightness rating of each product for comparison.

Glow Inc.?s glow powders have not been tested or approved for use in cosmetics.

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