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Everything You Need For Burning Man 2017: The Last Minute Amazon Prime Guide

Burning Man at Night

This guide covers everything you need to get for Burning Man, and it’s all via Amazon Prime so you can get it delivered at the last minute.

Your Day Bag

CamelBak M.U.L.E. Hydration Pack
CamelBak M.U.L.E. Hydration Pack

No one wants to spend time at Burning Man re-organizing and searching through their stuff. That’s why I recommend getting two Camelbaks, one for day and one for night. Then the switch from day to night is as simple as switching backpacks.

Here are the day-specific items you’ll pack:

  • Sun Goggles x2 — Protect your eyes from sun and dust.  As with all essential items, get at least 2, because you’re bound to lose things at Burning Man.

    Pyramex V2G Sun Goggles

Your Night Bag

Fill your night time Camelbak with these necessities:

  • El-Wire x3  — Sew this amazing glowy wire into your night bag so you can be seen at night.  This is a matter of safety as well as fun.  This El-Wire has 3 modes (solid, slow blink, and crazy fast blink) so you can signal that you’re rave-ready at the drop of a dime.
    Lychee 15ft Neon Light El Wire
    Lychee Neon Light El Wire
    • El-Wire requires AA Batteries to work, and you’ll need to replace them a few times throughout the week.

Stuff That’s Always On You

DLAND Carribeaners

You need some stuff on you day and night.  Either store it in your Camelbaks or clip it to your waist with a Carribeaner:

Your Sleeping Area

There are lots of options for sleeping quarters, but let’s assume that like most Burners you’re getting a Tent. As with your Shade Structure, you need to use Rebar (rather than tent stakes) for securing your tent against the wind.

Get at least a 4-Person Tent, even if it’s just you in there, so you have breathing room and space to store your stuff.

Coleman 4-Person Instant Tent
Coleman 6-Person Instant Tent

Consider getting a 6-Person Tent if you can, because they’re large enough that you can stand up straight inside of them.  That extra convenience matters a lot when you’re going in and out of your tent several times a day.  Above all, make sure that your chosen tent can keep the dust out.

All of your bedtime stuff will go inside your Tent:

Your Kitchen and Food

Some camps have extensive communal kitchens, while others require you to provide your own food and drink.  I’m going to assume here that your camp provides a daily meal or two, but that you need to provide much of your pantry, such as:

Make sure that you have real hot meals either provided by your camp, or that you cook for yourself.  Just snacking it for a week is not healthy or enjoyable.  If you’re doing your own cooking, get the necessary cooking materials like a Stove and Cooking Utensils.

Your Chill Space

Here’s what you should have on hand for your camp’s chill communal spaces:

All-purpose First Aid Kit
All-purpose First Aid Kit

Leaving No Trace

Leaving No Trace on the Black Rock Desert means disposing of any MOOP and gray water you create.  Your camp may have a waste plan already in place, but the bare minimums are:

  • For MOOP, bring Garbage Bags.  Be a good Burner and also use them to cleanup random MOOP that you run into on the Playa.
  • Gray Water can be dealt with using an Evaporation Pond, built from a dark plastic Tarp and 2X4s.  People hate on this approach, because it’s often messy/gross, but better methods like the Evapotron are harder to setup.

Your Bike

A Bicycle is a must for getting around Burning Man. Get one with wide tires that can handle the terrain.

If you’re getting this bike just for Burning Man, I recommend renting from Playa Bike Repair.  They even offer a delivery service, where you can pick your bike up and drop it off at their camp .  That means less packing, which is always a win.

However you end up getting your bike, make sure to get these accoutrements for it:

Your Gift

Cool Glow LED Flashing Rings - Assorted Styles 24ct
Cool Glow LED Flashing Rings – Assorted Styles 48ct

Last but not least you should have a Gift for your fellow Burners.  I’ve always found that these Glowy Rings go over well at Burning Man, or anywhere else for that matter.

Packing It All Up

Rubbermaid’s Storage Containers are worth spending the extra dollar on, because they’re incredibly durable and easy to stack and pack.  I’ve stored all of my stuff in these things in my 3 years on the Playa.

Rubbermaid Roughneck Storage Container, 14-gallon
Rubbermaid Roughneck Storage Container, 14-gallon

Am I missing anything? Let me know in the comments below and I can update this guide accordingly. Have a great Burning Man!

13 thoughts on “Everything You Need For Burning Man 2017: The Last Minute Amazon Prime Guide

  1. Nice list! It’s good to see burners making resources for others. Here’s my #BurningMan packing list – Enjoy!

    1. whooo your list is awesome, Mama J!

    2. I am in love with your spreadsheet. Thank you.

  2. Nice packing list. I pack all my festival gear in rubbermaid totes for every festival I camp at. People were looking at my like I was crazy at TomorrowWorld when I rolled up with them, but I was the only person in my group who had dry clothes after the first day. Too bad all my costumes were white. For other camping festivals where you don’t bring gear that’s as specialized, I’ve created an awesome festival camping packing list

  3. Great list, I loved the coconut water inclusion that stuff is amazing on the playa w! I also wanted to add to this list a camping festival MUST have: Organic Brushing Rinse! Essential Oxygen Organic Brushing Rinse beats toothpaste by a mile because 1) you don’t need water, and 2) spitting it out on the ground wouldn’t be toxic, but actually cleans the ground and feeds the plants. Yup! It’s a biodegradable liquid you swish with, no water needed, and can beneficially soak right into mother nature! It has saved my mouth so many times at Lightning in a Bottle, Burning Man, etc!

    Check it out here:

    1. Hi, with all due respect, please don’t do this.

      The question you should be asking isn’t “is it biodegradable”. The question is “did it come from the playa”. And if the answer is no, then it doesn’t belong on the playa floor.

      For example, food scraps and poop are biodegradable. And they do not belong on the playa floor.

    2. Leave no trace means not adding even biodegradable material to thenPlaya, though. Please spit it into your Grey water

  4. Eating utensils and a cup…both should have the ability to clip onto your belt or pack with a caribiner. I’d include links to those that don’t have to be shoved into a pouch or bag.

  5. white vinegar to clean skin on hands and feet. As well as monkey butt or similar anti chaffing powder for where skin folds or rubs.

  6. 1) Nose care! A. Saline spray, followed by B. Nasya Ayurvedic nose oil (or can use almond oil. Use a dropper). And don’t do coke.

    2) Every woman on the playa should have her own pee funnel. Helpful for peeing in your tent and also when out at night and the heavily trafficked portos are unbearable.

  7. I came across this list while drinking morning coffee and dreaming about lip balm. I’m gifting 100’s of tubes of lip balm this year (this was THE most asked-for item at the medical station by day 6). Love the lip balm holder suggestion. Bike locks are another gift I’m giving to camp mates (we had several bikes stolen/’borrowed’ from camp last yr, sucks, really). Soylent? I read reviews. I can’t imagine what you leave in the portapotty with this as your primary food source. Gaaa. See you all on the playa 2017!!

  8. I created a necklace with a small pouch to hold lip balm Gifted to many.. Also refillable with your own lip balm! wore it everyday!

  9. this is a really thoughtful list. the “x2” is really important, redundancy. many of those items I literally bring a dozen(!) or half dozen, people will need those things after their ‘x2’ fail. like your good headlamp breaks in the first half hour and you lose your back up in the second half hour and then there’s a whole week left. the playa is like that.

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